The HomeBound team is a diverse group a people from all different job fields. However, we all have one thing in common and that is a huge heart for literacy and our youth. Our diversity helps us to put our heads together and come up with the best solutions possible. We are happy to have found each other and we are more than ready to bring reading back home--- together!


Kelsey Butler has known she wanted to work with kids since she was in the fifth grade; she just never knew exactly how--- She is a recent graduate from UTChattanooga where she received her Bachelor's in elementary education. Through her experiences in the classroom she saw face to face a reality that really struck her and she quickly set out on a mission to find a solution. What began as a small Christmas project is now a community wide non-profit. Butler decided to put her teaching career on hold and see what she can accomplish with HomeBoundBooks. Her family, friends, and community have supported her non-stop and her drive and passion to make a difference for these children is what ensures her to not give up. 

Vice President

Paul Butler is a sales professional, with over 35 years of experience, and 25+ in leading sales organizations for several publicly traded companies. He attributes his success to having the heart of a Teacher, providing an environment that creates success through developing young, unproven talent into industry leaders. A person with a thirst for knowledge, Mr. Butler understands the importance reading and comprehension play in succeeding in all facets of life. While his work life has provided great opportunities, the role he is most proud of is that of Father to 3 daughters. Many of his favorite memories was reading to his children while they were growing up, purchasing the latest and greatest when they were releases and sitting everyone down to enjoy the stories.